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Financial Management Website

Introduction :

If you are a businessman, sure you want to know how much you earn monthly and how much you spent monthly. This website allows you records your daily sales records, and daily expenses records. This website auto do the math calculation and show you the total of daily sales and profit, monthly sales and profit, yearly sales and profit, daily expenses, monthly expenses, yearly expenses, and saving.

What is the use of this website?

1) Allow you to record all your sales records :

2) Allow you to record all your expenses records :

3) Allow you view / edit / delete your sales records :

4) Allow you view / edit / delete your expenses records :

5) It auto calculate the total of your daily sales and profits, monthly sales and profits, yearly sales and profits :

6) It auto calculate the total of your daily expenses, monthly expenses and yearly expenses :

7) It auto calculate your saving whenever you add / edit / delete sale / expense record :

8) Allow you search your sale / expense records by customer's name / phone number / address / product's name / price / date of payment / tracking number :

9) Allow your customer search the buying records and check the tracking number :

Why don't record sales records by using a pen and book? Why use this website?

1) Your fingers feel tired when writing your sale records by using a pen on a book.

2) Typing keyboard is faster than hand writing by pen.

3) It is hard for your to search a sale record by customers' phone number / name / address / tracking number / product name / price from a book. In contrast, it is easy to search the records by using this website :

4) This website auto calculate and show the total of your monthly sales, monthly expenses, saving.

5) This website auto calculate and show the total your daily sales, monthly sales and yearly sales.

6) You don't need waste time to send tracking number to customers, because your customers can get the tracking numbers from this website. You just need copy and paste a link to your business website. Your customers can alway click the link and enter their phone number to check the tracking number.

7) You don't need to keep the courier receipts for checking and marking the bill statement, because this website can list out all tracking number by a particular courier in a particular month for you to mark the bill statement :

More features :

1) Hide your info / profile page :

2) change theme color :

3) You can decide let your customers view what information when they are checking their tracking number and buying records :